28 February

The General Chapter has concluded, and today we posted on our websites the communiqués that have come out. Now we will also close this site which we was prepared to keep us up to date with what was happening at the headquarters of the General Directorate since the Chapter fathers arrived.

Given the comments received from many people and the 80 thousand hits on the site from 32 thousand individual users, we feel we have met our goal. We are happy but exhausted. Before concluding, we have to thank the people who have made possible the existence of http://generalchapter.legionariesofchrist.org in English, Spanish, and Italian.

27 February

Today the fathers who participated in the Extraordinary General Chapter started to return to their different workplaces.

In these days some of the Chapter delegates are explaining the various communiqués of the Chapter to the fathers and brothers in Rome. These conferences will then be distributed to the different houses of the congregation.

26 February

The chapter fathers participated in the Pope’s general audience this morning in St. Peter’s Square.  The Holy Father dedicated the catechesis to the sacrament of the anointing of the sick.  At the end of the audience, the Pope addressed a greeting, in Italian, “to the Legionaries of Christ who just concluded their General Chapter.”

25 February

This morning the last session of the General Chapter was held. It was attended by the Cardinal, his four personal councilors and all the chapter fathers. First, they proceeded to the approval of the minutes of the Chapter and then to the formal vote on the entire new constitutional text. The Papal Delegate then declared the Extraordinary General Chapter closed.

At 11:30 the Cardinal presided over the Eucharistic concelebration at the Center for Higher Studies. Father Eduardo Robles-Gil offered him a word of thanks at the start of the Mass. In his homily, the Cardinal recalled the journey of the Legion and Regnum Christi in recent years and, in particular, during the Chapter.

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