21 January

This morning, the Chapter Fathers dedicated time to personal study of and reflection on the proposed constitutional text. 

In the two plenary sessions of he the afternoon, presided over by Cardinal Velasio de Paolis, the Chapter began its discussion of the section of the Constitution that addresses the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity, and obedience. 

20 January

To begin the week, the General Chapter switched gears, temporarily leaving aside its consideration of the constitutional text in order to begin addressing its second principle task, namely, establishing a new general government for the Legion.  

Cardinal Velasio de Paolis, presiding over both the morning and afternoon plenary sessions, spoke at length to the Chapter Fathers about the nature of authority in a religious institute, as understood by the Church.  Relevant canons from the Code of Canon Law were read in the Chapter Hall, explained and commented on by the Cardinal and by Fr. Ghirlanda, and discussed by the assembly.

19 January

This Sunday the chapter fathers rested from their work to have a good time together.  Some of them went on a pilgrimage to Nettuno, the site of St. Maria Goretti’s martyrdom, intending to have a picnic in a park later on.  However, due to the rain, they came home earlier than they had planned.  Others stayed at the General Directorate to pray, read, play sports, or spend time together.

18 January

Many Legionaries, Regnum Christi members and other faithful are supporting the General Chapter with their constant prayer.  The chapter fathers each day have a half hour of Eucharistic Adoration.  As well, throughout the day, the Eucharist is exposed in the chapel of the General Directorate.  One can often find Legionaries, consecrated women, consecrated men and lay people at different times of the day in the chapel asking the Holy Spirit to enlighten the chapter fathers.  Anyone who wants can join the prayer campaign for the General Chapter here.

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